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-Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language readable and appealing.

Especially in nowadays, typography is essential factor and compulsory content of graphic.
As you know, the role of typography is infinite.

1. WHY have you chosen your subject and the related question?
-I am so interested in Typography, but actually I’m not good at designing typography.

So through this writing essay, this is good opportunity to study deeply about typography, and make my eye-level higher such as what typeface is mingle with some situations, rather than learning skills.
Especially, the reason why I choose this question is I think I can explain and show about how much typography take the leadership of the design.

2. HOW you are going to go about answering the question?
– Basically, in my opinion, answering about this question is according to people’s ideas. It depends on how people face the meaning of the typography.
For example, reference from masters of typography,

Firstly, David Carson, Ed Benguiat and Emil Ruder.
Secondly, Adrian Frutiger and Wolfgang Weingart.
So, to make sure of my ideas about typography, have to do lots of research and the answer of this question will be change or not after do more research.

3. WHAT do you think you will gain by answering this question?

– As mentioned above, typography can’t be missing, compulsory content and role of dictator who holding atmosphere.

So if I keep going to the way of graphic filed, this could be help.

 4. WHO will you use to help you construct your arguments?
– In addition to Bring Hurst who introduced in this lecture, there’s a lot of typography designer such as David Carson, Ed Benguiat, Helmut Schmid and so on.
I’ll be able to make my ideas after research of their thought and their typeface. And this will be good function as the answers of this argument.

5. WHERE will you go to get information to help you write your essay?
-Firstly, I’ll use library and books.

Like I said, I’m so interested about typography, so I have some books about this as well.
Secondly, museum. Unfortunately, there’s no exhibitions about typography now in Central London. So I couldn’t visit any exhibition in my holidays.
But I changed my mind, I can visit any exhibition like photography, poster above typography to fully answering this question. Because, typography is essential content of any graphic.
So I’ll visit ‘Photography museum’, ‘Design Museum’, ’Tate modern’ and so on.
Thirdly, actually I found the website, ‘British letter press’, there’s amount of informations about typography.
Also, I discovered the ‘St Bride Library’ introduced in this website which located near ‘Black friars’. This place is able to variety of experience like library, theatre, work shop about typography and so on.

6. WHEN will you do all this work?
-Largely, the day of hand in is May 21, so 20 days left. During this 20 days, 2 weeks will be working for research and writing essay. 3 days are going to make for design and the rest of 3 days will be focus on printing and binding of catalogue.

The Silence of My Beloved.

I read some love story and made a poem.

The Silence of  My Beloved.

My dear one is gone.
Ah! my beloved has gone away.
She has gone without a backward glance
along the pathway leading to the maple grove, parting the green of the mountain.

The old oath that once was firm
and radiant as a flower of gold is blown by the breeze of sighs, broken into a thousand cold particles.

The sharp memory of a first kiss,
deflecting the compass of my destiny, has disappeared with backward steps.

I have been deafened by the fragrant voice of my beloved,
and blinded by the beautiful face of my beloved.

Since love, too, is a human affair,
I dreaded separation from the moment of meeting; but still,
parting came as a surprise, and my frightened heart is bursting with new sorrows.

But knowing full well that vain tears at parting would sap our love,
I have poured the strength of this inconsolable sorrow into the well of hope.

As we dread farewell when meeting, so we believe in reunion from the moment of parting.

Ah! my beloved has gone,
but I have not let my beloved go.

The tune of love that cannot overcome

the sorrow of its strain hovers over the silence of my beloved.

Introduction of my zine

I want to be write about Dubstep because Dubstep have stayed with my twenties all the time. Starting with the category of cultural, the first thing that came to my mind was music. In the part of music, there are lots of contents about music such as artists, genres, festivals, clubs, fashion and so on. Then I choose the genre of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Dubstep above the rest. I’m listening to EDM the whole time especially Dubstep when I have free time as in the subway, on a break and even if I have dinner alone. It’s like an everyday routine to me. The first time I have been to the music festival, UMF (Ultra Music Festival), I was mesmerized by Skrillex’s charm. Skrillex is Dubstep artist. He was amazing.

In this zine, I’m going to writing about what is Dubstep firstly for those who don’t know about Dubstep. For instance, it might be history and nowadays Dubstep including the introduce the artist, Skrillex. In addition few interviews from the people that improve the how many people know about Dubstep without distinction of sex, age and their career. And also show what effects of Dubstep to me.



 The exhibition, ‘Disobedient Objcets’ is on display at Victoria & Albert Museum. Disobedient Objects shows the objects that actually used in the protest. There were ingenious and dynamic creations related to political issues and protest. The timeline of this exhibition is from late 1970 to nowadays social problems that ‘brought new technologies and political challenges’.(


 The first thing I saw was the entrance display of this exhibition. It looks like grating that suitable for the title and mood. It shows what a powerful protest to political issues and social problems in this exhibition well. To me, grating reminds the jail that always cognate with defy the law.

20141105_144510            20141105_144523 copy

 Also the inside display was repetition of grating style. Dark light constructed the feelings of frightening, serious and heavy atmosphere. Besides, the creations were quite satirical and humorous. One of the impressive things was ‘Guerrilla Girls’.


‘Guerrilla Girls’


 It looks like scared to the eye, but it contains the serious and vicious messages in this three Guerrilla Girls. These Girls with Guerrilla mask is ‘representation of female artists in the Metropolitan Museum in New York’. (

 This objects provoke me to a little anger as a women. According to the letter from an art critic of Italian, it portrays the feminists face to ‘bitch feminists’. In that letter, ‘The only thing you feminists teach is to women to be hoars (sic) in love” the letter goes on’. (


 Researching about ‘Guerrilla Girls’ more, Guerrilla Girls were took place in 1989. In terms of the report, ‘This poster was commissioned by the Public Art Fund, which supports public art projects in New York City’. And the poster was designed by Guerrilla Girls, withe the purpose of appeal to be more general to the audience. But, it was rejected by Public Art Fund. Because of the fan that the women held looks like phallic. After this affair, The Guerrilla Girls decided to lease their own place to advertise on New York City buses and manage ad themselves. Unfortunately, companies of the bus also rejected their contract, because of their image was so raunchy. (

 It looks like the disturbance of time. It means, today’s artist,’Tracy Emin’, called ‘working rude and confessional’ works from approximately 1992. Her works were very raunchy. Such as, her main work ‘Every one I slept with’ is the tent. In that tent, there are lots of names that who really slept with her. It’s kind of suggestive work. But it was not to blame. If the Guerrilla Girls runs their society in 1990s, it would not be blamed. Is this sociological and political issues such as Guerrilla Girls derived from late 1970s could be improved in today’s world? My answer is ‘Yes’. It is 100%, completely and totally, an incurable issue but it could be slacken consistently. Society is progress as time goes by with people’s awareness of suggestive things together in a good way.

 I have never been to the exhibition related to social protest. So the exhibition was very impressive, informative and good experience to me. For one thing that I’ve experienced about protest, it’s adolescence.


Importance of tag and catalogue.

Sometimes writers missed tag and catalogue related with their writing on blog. This mistake looks like simple, but actually quite big one.

Tag and catalogue has many advantages.

Firstly, tag and catalogue are very important to information that users want to find it easier in the blog or any kinds of report. For example, if that’s set detailed, users can find information what they want exactly.

Secondly, tag and catalogue makes the report more popular. Writers can make a issue of the their writing through tag and catalogue. That’s the reason why tag and catalogue were significant contents of writing.

Street fashion photographer, ‘Hyunbum Nam’

Can be a global professional photographer with only blog?

 스크린샷 2014-10-21 0.51.31

‘Hyunbum Nam’ is the first street fashion photographer in Korea, he have never majored photography and fashion. He was just student of engineering college that interested in fashion and be fond of camera. His life was changed before fifteen days he left New York that he attended an English language program. He felt the lack of departing New York and he agonized. He asked himself “what to do for fifteen days?” He stepped out into the street with his camera because he was interested in fashion. He decided took pictures of fashion people blindly. During fifteen days, he took pictures to the top of his best.

스크린샷 2014-10-21 0.59.05

He bought away with hundreds of photos when he came back to Korea. It was big hit, ever since he uploaded his pictures on his blog. ‘Hyunbum’ become a power blogger in a instant. That blog welcomed by the thousands of people because his pictures was amazing. It was not the end. He received attention from the strongest magazine company in Korea. So, after that he become a famous professional photographer that spotlighted by fashion industry overnight.

스크린샷 2014-10-21 0.54.11

In fact, almost all of the street fashion photos were so sense of stillness before. The way of shooting street fashion photos before was just took the standing model in the street. ‘Hyunbum’ took pictures the way of his pleasure because he thought that method is so boring.

스크린샷 2014-10-21 0.55.39

For example, fashionable women who ride the back seat of bike and took close up the good scenery of matching point even if just the lower half of the body. People were absolutely crazy for them. He had differentiated about perspective and also he have no experience about study photography formally.

스크린샷 2014-10-21 0.56.38

스크린샷 2014-10-21 0.57.59

I think his story gave us lots of enlightenment.

Firstly, social network review can overtake the traditional system.

Secondly, when you do your favorite thing steadily, that will be make new possibility of your future.

I knew him few years ago than any other people started to have an interested about him. So I checked his blog almost every day and also bought his book after he become famous. I love the way he taking pictures. It looks like dynamic moment that’s why I really really love him and his pictures. I wanted to be a good graphic designer like him that have differentiated about perspective and I will.

all the pictures are from

‘Kimchee’ restaurant.


Yesterday, I went to the restaurant “Kimchee” located in Holborn with my friend Song-i. I wanted to eat Korean food. Because I was so sick, caught a cold so I miss my mother and her food especially foods. When I got into the restaurant, I was surprised. There are so many foreign people not just Asians and also almost all of the people ate ‘Dolsot Bibimbap’ (Korean traditional food).



It was interesting. I heard most of the foreigners hate the scent of Korean food. But I think they really enjoyed their meal so much. One more thing that I really surprised was the C.E.O of this restaurant is Chinese. How did he do that? In the menu, whole food were Korean foods. At that time, I was very proud of my country. I want to go that place with my foreign friends someday and introduce my country’s food confidently.